What is Surf Accounts?

Do these scenarios sound familiar — at least a few? You missed the tax submission date. You paid excess tax because the calculation was wrong. There are some unforeseen expenses, but you are unable to record or track the source or cause. The festive season looms and you need an unhindered supply of stocks to match the demand but don’t know how to ensure that. You need to revive old negotiation details because the prospect expressed their interest after a long time but cannot retrieve the latest documents. You need key business figures or analytics quickly for a business review meeting, but the data is all over the place.

While these are typical to all businesses, they can be managed better. Surf Accounts, a cloud-hosted and web-based accounting solution enables you to manage your business accounts smartly and channelise your focus on business growth. Now, be in control of your business 24/7 as you stay in touch from anywhere and from any device. No installation, upgradation or maintenance hassles — just focus on your work while all upgrades become automatically available and we take care of maintenance. Your data is hosted with Microsoft Azure Cloud that gives you the highest up-time standards in the industry and data security. Generate any data or reports quickly in a cool, aesthetic format. Organise data such as customer and supplier details, prospect acquisition progress, invoice and credit notes and more and retrieve them quickly on-demand; always pay the right tax in the right time; track all expenses and transactions and more. Does that sound like a smart package?

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